Project Description

Demystifying English Academic Writing

This module takes place online.

Module content

  • Explore and apply diverse strategies for reading difficult academic texts, developing your ideas in writing, generating relevant research questions, developing an original argument, organizing your research process, and revising your writing
  • Analyze English academic genres (the essay, the research paper, the BA/MA thesis, the journal article, the review, etc.) and the expectations of English academic readers
  • Discuss and practice the English academic conventions of argumentation, structure, and style
  • Discuss cultural differences in academic genres and conventions
  • Receive feedback on your writing, and give feedback to your peers
  • Write! (a final manageable and meaningful writing assignment)
  • ProgrammeThe course is taught in English (4 ECTS)
  • Requirements – This course is open to all students.
  • Programme fee online – EUR 500.00 (includes all study materials, transcript of records).

  • Application deadline – n/a

Course description

In this course academic writing will be approached as a set of practical skills that anyone can learn and develop. Over the course of our two weeks together, we will demystify what is expected of you when you are asked to write in academic contexts. We will explore and practice key skills for reading effectively, writing well, and researching efficiently.

In addition to gaining an understanding of academic writing conventions, you will get to know writing as a tool for developing and expressing your ideas and research.

The course comprises 28 contact hours (8*3.5 hours). Upon successful completion, 4 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points will be awarded for the module. A single ECTS point is defined as the equivalent of 25 to 30 hours of student workload. This includes class hours, additional preparations for class activities, readings, assignments as well as final assessments.

Attendance: Participants have to attend at least 80 % of the classes.


Instructor: Carly Crane, MA (Schreibzentrum/Writing Center).

Ms. Crane is a researcher at the Goethe University Writing Center where she teaches a range of courses on English academic writing. Originally from the US, she has 7 years of experience working in Writing Centers, both American and German.

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