Project Description

Superphysics and Supercomputers

In case that due to the Covid-19 pandemic an on-campus summerschool is not possible, this module will take place online.

Rapid development of computer technologies has led to many core computer architectures with thousands of computational elements in a single device. In addition to the quantitative growth, these devices operate simultaneously and in parallel. In addition, if operation of one computational element is similar to the rational analysis of a human brain, the parallel operation of thousand such computational elements is capable to reproduce activity of a human brain at its intuitive level.

Thus, artificial neural networks inspired by the work of the human brain have received a powerful boost for their application at the forefront of modern science, primarily in the analysis of data obtained at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN (Geneva), where experiments in high energy and nuclear physics are aimed at studying a wide range of phenomena from the Higgs boson to the Big Bang and black holes.

  • Programme – The course is taught in English (4 ECTS)
  • Requirements – Knowledge of advanced mathematics (calculus, statistics); at least one programming language (Python, Java, C++ or similar); at least 2 years of undergraduate studies or enrolment in master studies; topics of study: computer sciences, engineering, physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology or materials
  • Programme fee face-face/ online – EUR 500.00 (includes all study materials, transcript of records).
  • Application deadline – 30 April 2021

Detailed course description will follow soon (last update: 27.11.19).

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