© E. Zhang


You have put together such an incredible team whose warmth, friendliness and dedication were all beyond expectations. I do not know what kind of magic you visibly master to achieve such a feat, but I feel very privileged of having had the chance to enjoy it for a whole month.


Jean-Christophe, University of Toronto, Canada, 2018



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My time at Goethe University studying Law and German has been a stepping stone to further study in the development of my own knowledge of Law and the German language. I have now had the chance to get to meet people from all around the world and learn about different cultures and their way of life (particularly the way different students study) in different countries and learn something new about myself. I now have connections throughout the world that the summer school has connected me with. I have had an experience of a lifetime and will cherish the memories I have made whilst studying here and taking part in the social program. Thank you for a life-changing opportunity – It will be something I never forget.


Angela, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, 2018




© Jessica H.


Frankfurt Summer School was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. I took part in the Legal Studies program and could experience international perspectives on Law, as we had colleagues from all over the world. The seminars debated very interesting and contemporary topics and the professors were always very helpful. Moreover, different social events allowed us to see more of Germany and Europe and to meet people who I will take with me for all my life. This was a unique opportunity to live in a multicultural and cosmopolitan environment. Thanks to the Summer School Team we had a fantastic summer in Frankfurt.


Jessica H., Brazil, 2014



© E. Zhang


When I did land, I found that all my expectations were exceeded. The level of comfort and guidance that I received as soon as I entered Frankfurt was phenomenal; this was a level of dedication and assistance that was maintained all throughout my stay. Goethe University, and the summer programme led alongside a team of dedicated German ‘buddy’ students, ultimately became a safe place and a home by the end of my four-week stay in Frankfurt. Every individual associated with running the summer programme was amazingly friendly. The principles and history of comparison law that was taught by a plethora of esteemed professors and legal scholars enabled a deeper comprehension of the European and International legal system as it differed from the Canadian legal system that I am familiar with. Aside from the academic experience, I found genuine enjoyment in the extracurricular activities, and have retained fond memories of these times still. I hope one day to return to the beautiful City of Frankfurt!


Emmy, University of Toronto, Canada, 2018



© Emerald H.


FSS 2016 was undoubtedly one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. Having visited numerous German cities already, I was excited to discover the real hidden gem of Germany, Frankfurt. With its status as Europe’s financial centre and a real inner-city buzz, it provided the perfect environment (and weather!) to enjoy the beautiful German culture whilst studying at the Goethe University. This teamed with the fantastic staff and buddies, the wonderfully organised cultural programme and seminars and the incredible group of international students to share the experience with; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend FSS to anybody.


Emerald, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, 2016



© Josh W.


Frankfurt Summer School afforded me the rare opportunity to learn about the legal profession through an array of culturally diverse perspectives, while also allowing me to form close bonds with fellow participants from 30 other countries. The program made for a truly memorable summer.


Josh, University of Florida, USA, 2016



© Yaqeen K.


The best experience I have ever had!  I participated in the Natural Sciences program; the subjects presented during the seminars were very interesting, especially the practical parts where we got the chance to participate in different kinds of environmental researches. Moreover, it was a great chance to meet and spend a full month with people from all over the world.


Yaqeen, Tel-Aviv University, Israel, 2016



© Eliska M.


Frankfurt Summer School is so far my best experience of travelling, studying and going abroad at once. I am so glad I came to Frankfurt! It was not only four weeks of studying. The most important thing for me was meeting people from all over the world with different experiences and views of life and worldviews. What is more, I am keeping in touch with some of my new friends and maybe one day we will meet again. I hope so! Therefore, I advice everybody who is thinking about joining FSS 2017: Do not hesitate and go for it! I wish you a great stay in Germany!


Eliska, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic, 2016



© Alexandra A.


I really recommend the Legal Studies track of Frankfurt Summer School to everyone willing to gain knowledge about International and European Law while enjoying their summer. Frankfurt Summer School is a great opportunity to study at a famous university which will always be a valuable experience on your CV but, above all, is a unique way to meet and exchange with friendly people from all around the world. You will not only study and debate interesting topics related to important current legal issues, but also discover new cultures, learn the German language and visit beautiful places around Frankfurt. You might also be surprised by Frankfurt itself which is a very nice city. Thanks to the amazing Frankfurt Summer School team, I am sure you will enjoy your stay in Frankfurt as well as the cultural programme of the course and the diplomas you will obtain at the end of the course, both in German and Law, will help you in your future studies and career.


Alexandra, France, 2016



© E. Zhang


I would highly recommend the Frankfurt Summer School programme to students who are the looking for an incredible way to spend the summer learning about a different culture while meeting so many incredible people from all across the world. I have greatly increased my inter-personal skills while participating in this programme which are essential for any career path. This is a very well organised programme and the buddies were so friendly and made me feel at home in Frankfurt. If I could go back, I would definitely participate this programme again. Frankfurt will always be very close to my heart because of the people I met here.


Gunika, University of Leicester, United Kingdom, 2018



Foto David Luza

© David L.


If I were to say something about my experience in Frankfurt Summer School, it is definitely the quality and knowledge of German teachers. They encourage discussion about every topic, taking advantage of the variety of cultures and legal systems that were represented in the Programme. As a Latin American student it does not only changes the perspective of Continental Law, but it also changes the perspective in which current problems can be solved. To be completely honest, I would enrol at the programme over and over again, for Frankfurt – the smallest metropolis in the world – is a fantastic city. It is impossible not to be amazed by its architecture, daily life, and my personal favourite all the festivals along the river Main. Last but not least, the organization of the programme and the dedication of all staff members, was impeccable.


David, Costa Rica



Foto Caina Sekiguchi 1

© Cainã S.


The FSS was one of the best experiences that I had in my entire life. The staff was great, having the opportunity to share 1 month with different cultures and legal systems was really a unique experience. I only have good feelings about the entire FSS, the trips, the German classes, the lectures and especially the friends that I made there and the buddies who helped us all along the program!
If you wanna spent one month with great people and learn a lot of things, Frankfurt Summer School is definitely your best choice!
And how we say here in Brazil, “Até logo!.”


Cainã, Brazil



Foto Berlin 3

© Martina P.


I have only the best things to say about Frankfurt Summer School, in which I took part in the summer of 2015. It was an amazing experience, from which I can profit for the rest of my life. First of all, the organisation was excellent. Our programme was very carefully prepared and full of classes, trips, parties and excursions. Everything was planned into detail, we didn´t have to worry about anything. The classes were very interesting and I learnt a lot of interesting facts about other countries, cultures and improved my German language skills. The best thing of all is that I found there so many wonderful people. Everyone I met was very kind and happy to be part of the project and I made a lot of amazing friends who I really hope to see again.


Martina, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic, 2015




© Laura B.


FSS was an experience in itself – meeting people from all around the world, learning some German or discovering the really amazing campus. All the people, who participated in the preparation of FSS, have done a good job, and the programme was full of classes, trips and events. It was exacting but definitely worth it. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it.


Laura, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic




© Yulan F.


Those days gave me unforgettable experiences which I will remember for all my life. The teachers were helpful and professional while the classmates from all over the world were friendly and enthusiastic. I did not only get to know psychology and “Deutsch” but also the unique German culture and European culture. If I had another chance without hesitation I would choose the FSS program again.


Yulan, Fudan University, China, 2015



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