Project Description

Cross-national Comparative Research in the Social Sciences

(17-28 August)

Module content

  • Learn how to use statistical tools to analyse research questions on how social contexts affect individuals (e.g. Does income inequality lead to depression? Why is trust in the police higher in some countries than in others?)
  • Work with multilevel/hierarchical models for analysing the influence of contextual characteristics on individual outcomes
  • Programme – The course is taught in English (4 ECTS).
  • Requirements – Bachelor’s and Master’s students in the Social Sciences (e.g. Sociology, Anthropology). Open for other disciplines.
  • Programme fee – EUR 700 (includes all study materials, transcript of records, and health, liability and accident insurance as well as a public transportation ticket within Frankfurt).

  • Application deadline – 30 April 2020

Detailed course description will follow soon (last update: 27.11.19).