Project Description

Social Psychology
(03-14 August)

Module content:

  • Learn how human behaviour and thinking is influenced by the actual or imagined presence of others
  • Get an overview of social psychological theories and learn to apply these theories to everyday problems and situations
  • Study topics such as influence and obedience, attitudes and persuasion, prejudice, aggression and violence.


  • Programme – The course is taught in English (4 ECTS).
  • Requirements – Be an undergraduate first semester (Bachelor) student in Psychology. This programme is also open to undergraduate and graduate students from other fields of study (Business Administration, Social Sciences, Political Science…).
  • Programme fee – EUR 700 (includes all study materials, transcript of records, and health, liability and accident insurance as well as a public transportation ticket within Frankfurt).
  • Application deadline – 30 April 2020

Course Topics

Detailed course description will follow soon (last update: 27.11.2019).