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What you need for living

The programme fee for participants is 2,000 €. It consists of:


1,300 € for the seminar and cultural programme, the German language courses,

   all study material, insurance and the transportation fee within Frankfurt


700 € for accommodation incl. daily breakfast. Please note that our recommended hotel doesn’t provide kitchen facilities for cooking. Though food can be brought to your room and there is a good variety of restaurants and a supermarket around. Anyways if that is an important concern to you, please feel free to book any alternative  accommodation like a hostel or private accommodation on independently.





If we receive your application until 28th February you will profit from an Early Bird Rate amounting to 100 €. Hence, the programme fee will be 1,900 € including accommodation or 1,200 € without accommodation.


Native speakers of German do not have to participate in the German language courses which reduces the course fee by 300 €.


Students registered at one of our partner universities will receive an attractive Discount (Programme fee: 1.800 €; Early Bird Rate: 1.700 €).


Some scholarships are available for students registered at one of our strategic partner universities (University of Toronto, University of Birmingham, Tel Aviv University, University of Pennsylvania). Please contact your home University (International Office).


Please note that all participants have to take care of the visa application themselves including covering possible visa application fees if they need a visa for Germany.

Information for students of Goethe University Frankfurt

Students enrolled at Goethe University are given the opportunity of taking part in Frankfurt Summer School for free if they are willing to support the international participants as buddies and take part in both the seminar programme and the cultural programme.

If they participate in the seminar programme and the cultural programme without being buddies they have to pay 150 €. Only participating in the seminar programme will be free of charge for them.

Please note that students enrolled at Goethe University (both buddies and other participants) have to pay the additional amount of 150 € if they decide to participate in the optional trip to Berlin.





New Frankfurt Summer Academy on Global Justice (17-23 July 2017)


Goethe-University organizes a new Summer School for advanced students from our strategic partnerships.


For further information please follow:

Summer Academy on Global Justice



Applications for the Legal Studies and Psychology tracks are closed. You are welcome to apply for the Natural and Life Sciences track until 23 April.


Poster Frankfurt Summer School 2017


Flyer Frankfurt Summer School 2017



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