Cultural Programme

Frankfurt - View on Campus | © A. Noll
Strasbourg | © A. Noll
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Strasbourg | © GU
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Heidelberg | © GU
Heidelberg | © GU
Heidelberg | © GU

Study tours


The regular course programme is complemented by a variety of educational study tours in and around Frankfurt am Main as well as two weekends away from Frankfurt. These trips offer you some valuable and interesting cultural insights into life in Germany and Europe. You will have the chance to eat and drink local specialities (beer, wine, apple wine, Grie Soß, and many more), to make use of the German skills you picked up in your language course and to get to know Continental European cities and lifestyles. All this makes the Frankfurt Summer School an informative and entertaining, simply an unforgettable and worthwhile experience.

Below you can find some more information about the trips and the locations we will be visiting. Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the programme fee (exception Berlin):


Apfelweinkneipen (“Apple-wine Pubs”) are  the local pubs, bars and restaurants offering tasty regional delicacies. We will have lunch in a traditional restaurant in the first week.

Heidelberg with its historic castle and internationally renowned city centre: we will get to Heidelberg by train and have a guided tour to the old town, visit the Castle, climb on one of the biggest wooden wine barrels in Germany and spend our free time in the City.

Strasbourg with its magnificent old town and the European Parliament: arriving by bus, we will have two days to get to know the capital of the French Alsace region, which is the official seat of the European Parliament. Enjoy a boat trip on the river Ill.

Optional excursion to Berlin

Berlin Cathedral |© A. Noll
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Holocaust Memorial |© A. Noll
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Berlin Wall |© A. Noll
Berlin Wall | © GU
Berlin | © GU

Spend a weekend in Berlin in your second week (16 August- 18 August). We will arrive by train and we will stay in a centrally located hotel. A guided bus tour will show us around the most important sights of Berlin and you will have lots of time to explore the city on your own.

Please note that the expenses for the optional visit to Berlin are not included in the programme fee. However, if you choose to take part in this optional visit we will provide accommodation in Berlin for the weekend.


Evening programme


In addition to that, Frankfurt Summer School will provide an overview of cultural events in and around Frankfurt including enjoying traditional food, concerts, theatre plays and more.


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