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Online applications for FSS2017 are open!

Apply here


In order to complete your application, please follow these steps:

– fill in the application form (please click on the link above),

– complete your online registration,

– upload the following documents on the online platform:


1. Your updated CV


2. If you are

a) enrolled at a university in your first semester of a Bachelor programme: a copy of your high school diploma or equivalent and a list of courses you have completed

b) in a higher semester of a Bachelor programme: a copy of your current transcript

c) in a Master programme: a copy of your Bachelor certificate and a copy of your current transcript

d) a graduate of a University programme: a copy of your higher education certificate and a copy of your transcript.


3. A letter of motivation which includes the reasons why you would like to participate in Frankfurt Summer School


DEADLINE: 31 March 2017


EARLY BIRD RATE: 28 February 2017. If you apply until this date, you can save 100 €.





In case of a succesful application for Frankfurt Summer School you will receive a letter from us until the end of April. This letter will provide all the details regarding the payment process as well as our cancellation policy. Furthermore, we will send you the booklet “Prepare your Summer of Knowledge” with practical information on the summer school.

In case you have been accepted please notice that the admission is only valid if we receive your payment in full until 15th May 2017.





Legal Studies: At least one year of studies in the field of law.


Psychology: Be an undergraduate first semester (Bachelor) Student in Psychology. This programme is also open to undergraduate and graduate students from other fields of study.


Natural and Life Sciences: Be a graduate student (Master) or advanced in an undergraduate (Bachelor) programme (at least two years of studies). Subject orientation: biology, geology, environmental sciences, (physical) geography.



Information for students of the following strategic partner universities:

University of Birmingham, University of Toronto, University of Pennsylvania:

Please apply for our programme via your own university (International Office).





Applications for Frankfurt Summer School 2017 are open!


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